Video Of The Tuesday: A Man Cries Hard And Weird


Well, we’ve got another video to post.  Sorry, guys, but the internet is having a really good video day.  I promise this is great.  It is titled “Best Cry Ever” and that is a very accurate title.

Here’s why it’s brilliant.  You see that the video is called “Best Cry Ever.”  Then the video opens on a guy crying, and the guy is just alright at crying.  And you’re like, “Oh boy, this is a disappointment.”  Then, all of the sudden, there’s this other guy crying.  And you’re like “Now, this is the best cry ever…wait a minute…THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT THIS GUY THE WHOLE TIME!!”  What an awesome Tuesday.

Thanks, Reddit.

Update:  This is, as I had originally suspected, from A&E’s Intervention

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