Charlie Sheen Denies Cheating, Crafts Awesomest Alibi Ever


Charlie Sheen

Guys, we know how incriminating it looks when Charlie Sheen leaves a call girl’s apartment wearing a fake mustache. We can’t blame you if you assumed he was doing dirty things behind wife Brooke Mueller‘s back—honestly, the thought occurred to us as well. Thankfully, the Two And A Half Men star has denied InTouch Weekly‘s allegations and explained away the so-called “evidence.” “The woman in question is the sister of one of Sheen’s campmates, and Sheen was only responding to a 12th-step call,” said his lawyer. “Since Sheen knew he was being followed and how this would look, he wore the mustache in a tongue-in-cheek disguise gesture.”

So let’s follow the logic, shall we? A lingerie model Sheen has been visiting regularly with flowers and gifts is actually the sister of a fellow rehab resident. In a moment of concern about her loved one’s sobriety, she called Charlie Sheen to help—because Charlie Sheen is a great shoulder to lean on when dealing with addiction (just ask his wife!). After doing his Dr. Drew bit, Sheen then applied a handy fake mustache, figuring it would make for a more amusing spy photo from that pesky pap. You can just bet he and Brooke were laughing all about it last night, their stomachs hurting from anticipation as they waited to learn the outcome of his prank. You got punk’d, InTouch Weekly! Just like the Aspen police, who Charlie’s lawyers claim failed to read him his Miranda rights when they arrested him for assault over Christmas weekend. No one can catch Kid Charlemagne!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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