Jim Carrey: Going Crazy Or Just Being Jim?


We’re of two minds about Jim Carrey‘s Twitter addiction—not unlike Jim himself. The comedian has been burning up the net since splitting with Jenny McCarthy, following a discussion about celebrity infidelity announcing “Jim Carrey’s ambassador to the world is dead!He is survived by me, the actual Jim Carrey, who has opinions about stuff….I have freed Truman, at long last!” Since that missive, we’ve been treated to ever more complicated emoticons and jokes like “Sometimes I make an ASS of myself, yet I’m anything BUTT! Thankyou g’night! (Hold for applause…wait for it…aaaaand fade to black).”

Some fans are worried his tweets are signs of increasing anxiety, but—considering how eccentric he’s always been—-it’s possible Ace Ventura just hasn’t a platform to express his manic episodes minute-by-minute until now. And there’s always the possibility Andy Kaufman‘s Biggest Fan is just pulling our leg (“Don’t worry folks. i didn’t slip over the edge. i’m just movin’ the boundaries for the rest of you nuts! %^}”). Do you think Jim’s going bonkers or just bringing us deeper into the wacky world he’s always wandered through? Let us know in our TheFABLife poll after taking a walk down memory lane in Jim’s goofy gallery below.

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