There Is No Way Rob Is Cheating On Kristen With A Gossip Girl



Our panic attack has calmed down enough to pound out this post dedicated to all you Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haters out there: there is no way in hell RPattz is sleeping with Leighton Meester, okay ya’ll? He’ just not. You want proof? We’ll give you proof: 1. Rob and Kristen were photographed in Budapest together just a few days ago and 2. Rob has ears and would never, ever bed the person responsible for the song “Somebody To Love.”

Now, In Touch, craploid magazine extraordinaire, is claiming that Rob is busy riding Blair Waldorf behind Kristen’ back. They also allege the pair is secretly sexting each other and getting dirty via text. NOT TRUE! Nothing could tear apart the greatest couple to ever roam the earth in flannels and Ray-Bans. In fact, Robsten is more than just a couple – they are one being bonded like greasy scalp oil to the hair shaft! Stay away, Leighton Meester. Rob may not be on to you (or on you, for that matter) but we Robsten-crazed fan are.

For you non-believers, enjoy this magical Robsten retrospective detailing the couple’s best moments in 2009, the greatest year in Rob n’ Kristory, and our giant gallery of the couple. Eff Leighton!

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