Video: Cat Playing With An iPad. Sure.


Via Buzzfeed, I bring you a cat playing with an iPad. I guess we can watch it first and then we can discuss it.

I can’t tell how I’ll feel tomorrow, but this is how I feel today: Enough with the cats adorably playing with things. I’m done. Here’s why:

It’s the owners. I hate hearing them laugh in the background. I hate that they know that this video, which they’ve uploaded to the Internet for this express purpose, will be reposted by fools like me. I hate that that’s a really expensive piece of technology and the owner is letting his cat attack it. I hate that the cat can’t even play the GODDAMN piano right. What, it doesn’t know chopsticks??  I hate that I have neither an iPad nor a cat. That’s a lie. Because they’re both stupid. Like this video.

Guys, I’m really sorry I just lost it back there. It’s not you. You’re great.

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