Bankrupt? Who’s Bankrupt? Nic Cage Buys 9 Ft. Tall Pyramid Tomb


Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage‘s money problems may have forced him to sell off his castles, but nothing’s going to keep him from going out in style. TMZ reports that the Kick-Ass actor has purchased a “nine-foot tall pyramid-shaped super-tomb” in New Orleans, which the Cage plans to be buried in, presumably after he’s struck by lightning on a snowmobile in 2022 (at least that’s what this paper full of numbers we found in a time capsule says will happen).

Between his federal tax liens and the legal battle with the ex-manager he accused of driving him to “financial ruin,” many have wondered if Cage will finally curb his extravagant lifestyle. But as long as he keeps earning those big Hollywood paychecks (the actor starred in four movies last year—two animated—and has three more set for 2010 after Kick-Ass), it looks like he’ll still be free to blow our minds on-screen and off. Tip your hat to the most eccentric megastar in Hollywood—he gave his son Superman’s Kryptonian name—by checking out our Nic Cage mega-gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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