50 “Fiddy” Cent Is Getting Un-Inked


50 Cent is getting his tattoos removed.  Yayyyyy!!!!  Or Boooooo!!  I don’t know.  I’m sure some strong emotion is warranted; I just don’t know in which direction it should be manifested.

According to People.com he is trying to get into acting and feels that his tattoos are holding him back.  I feel like this is the story that never gets told to our inner-city youth.  “Before you start running around with a bad crowd and getting all tattooed up, just remember this: that could potentially keep you from costarring with Chase Crawford in the upcoming drama Twelve.”

(A note to the reader: 50 Cent will be costarring with Chase Crawford in the upcoming drama Twelve.  He got away with the tattoos this time.)

It’s hard to even imagine what 50 Cent would look like without tattoos though.  Wait hold on… Oh, okay.  I’m just getting word that we just got a hold of a picture of the newly tattoo-free 50 Cent.  Let’s take a look:

Uh Oh!  They took too much off!!!

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