This Guy’s Going To Teach You To Flirt; Uh Oh, He Just Had Sex With All Of Us


There is a website formerly known as Expert Village that is now  The people who run this website are absolutely experts as you can for sure tell by their former name.  They know how to do a whole ton of stuff and sometimes they post videos on YouTube showing you how to do those things.  One thing they know how to do really well is flirt.  Are you worried that maybe you’re not the best at flirting?  Well worry not anymore, because you’re about to get taught how to do it by a guy who looks like Hal Sparks with a soul patch.  If you’re looking to get f**ked like super efficiently, I strongly recommend watching the whole thing.  But if you’re in a hurry and you just need a quick HJ to get by you can totally just watch 1:28 to 1:47.

Oh he’s good.  All of all of our things (your and mine and his) are absolutely COVERED in all kinds of gross stuff.  Was it good for all of us?  Yes, it was.  Remember when he wanted to eat OUR F**KING EYEBALLS OUT OF OUR FACES?!!   That was so hot.

Thanks, @meganganz

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