Crystal Bowersox Feels “Betrayed By Seacrest”



Last week we brought you the news that Crystal Bowersox, American Idol‘s dreadlocked guitarist with the voice to beat, had a minor meltdown and threatened to quit the show. Bowersox reportedly had to be talked down by Ryan Seacrest who convinced her that staying on the show would enable her to provide for her family.

In the next chapter to this story, former Idol contestant Katelyn Epperly, you remember, she’s the one with the Carole King hair and too-tarty-for-DioGuardi look (p.s. that’s totally a Kim Zolciak song waiting to happen) divulged that Bowersox was none too pleased with Seacrest after that news broke. Even though Bowersox Tweeted “No apologies for being human. Life is always testing one’s strength and weakness threshold. That’s how we learn how strong we really are,” to show that she had no plans to quit the show, she sent Epperly a text that read “I’m fine . . . betrayed by Seacrest!” Is it just us, or does that sound like the name of a perfume? “When you want to smell like spray tan and skinny ties…Betrayed, by Seacrest.”

This is going to make this week’s shows all the more interesting to watch – will there be tension? Is this story blown out of proportion? Will all this gossip and spotlight time actually take a toll on Crystal’s performance (which, by the way, is supposed to be an “inspirational” song)? Guess we’ll find out tonight!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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