Kelly LeBrock Publishing Tell-All About Ex Steven Seagal


Steven Seagal & Kelly LeBrock

While that lawsuit from Steven Seagal‘s “sex slave” has dredged up plenty of other stories about the action star’s way with the ladies (including Jenny McCarthy being asked to strip at an audition for Under Siege 2), few of the women in his life—and there have been a few—have come forward to give their two cents. While admitting she was “not surprised” by the allegations, ex-wife Kelly LeBrock refused to tell TMZ “anything specific” because of the three children they had during their ten year marriage. However, more may be forthcoming. “I have many shocking things to say about Mr. Seagal which will be known soon when my book comes out.” Apparently, bringing up their kids just meant she just wouldn’t give up the dirt for free.

Maybe the lack of women joining Kayden Nguyen in the accuser’s chair has something to do with Seagal’s aggressive legal attack on his former “personal assistant.” The actor is not only filing to have her suit moved to arbitration and accusing her of breaking a confidentiality agreement, but asking her to pay his legal fees, guaranteeing a hefty price if he’s found innocent (Nguyen hasn’t filed criminal charges against Seagal despite describing multiple attempted assaults). Still, at least one new accusation has followed this scandal. According to TMZ, the Glimmer Man has made several of his assistants remove his shoes upon request—though thankfully, not his socks.

See photos of Seagal and LeBrock in the gallery below.

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