Coco’s Naked Photo Deleted From Twitter



Poor Coco! Her photographic work is being repressed by the close-minded bureaucrats who manage The lady with the junk in her trunk posted a sophisticated, artistic shot of herself mid-Brazilian bikini wax on Twitter. The self-portrait, which is clearly inspired by the work of such feminist luminaries as Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin, depicts Coco laying erect on a waxing bed, a strip of waxing paper stuck to her pubic hair. The anticipation and nervous, feminine energy are tangible and the image channels the spirit of the women’s movement of the 70s and melds it with the objectification of women, a clashing contrast of what it means to exist as a female in the year 2010.

Er, or it’s just a picture of Coco about to get her pubes yanked out.

Regardless, the good people at deemed the pic inappropriate (or Coco took it down) because the image is no longer available through Coco’s twitter account. It’s a good thing the fine people at ONTD grabbed it and saved it from being demolished, thus allowing Coco’s vision to be shared with the world. Enjoy, art fans!

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