On a Mountain of Skulls, In the Castle of Pain, Vigo The Carpathian Lives On


Success. I am the proud owner of my very own Vigo The Carpathian painting. However, I’m sorry to say, it appears that the link has been taken down. I can only pray that you guys took my advice and printed it out before it was too late.

Not moments after I found the link yesterday, upon Michelle’s urging, I went to the 26th floor of the Best Week Ever Spaceship to print Vigo. I opted to print it on canvas to make my Vigo experience more authentic. I used 90 percent of my monthly printing budget. My monthly printing budget is $100. I’ll wait while you use your calculator.

When the nice printing lady saw what I wanted to print she said, “Oh, this famous painting. I’ve printed this out at least ten times in the past month for some guy.” What?? Also, what??? I pressed her for more information, like, who is this person/my soulmate,  but she wasn’t very forthcoming. Apparently there’s a printer-printee relationship similar to a doctor-patient one. Then she gave me a check up.

THEN an hour later when I went to pick Vigo up (it takes a while to print a 24×36 inch  hi-res image onto canvas) two dudes were there, saw my painting and said, “That’s exactly what we were going to print just now!” What in the world?! Has Vigo possessed us all, completing his intended task? Are we just all on the same Ghostbusters 2 page? Is this what Jung meant by the collective unconscious? Did I just unnecessarily drop a pretentious reference? Can I do whatever I please because I’m the one with the Vigo painting? Either way, Michelle is going to frame it and hang it in her apartment. But for now, we’re enjoying it here.

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