New Eclipse Trailer: We Want More Making Out Action, Less Action Action!


Okay Twi-hards, let’s get to it. We just watched the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer and we gotta be honest – we have some complaints (don’t hurt us, just hear us out!). Allow us to present them to you now, in order of “BOOO!”-ness.

1. Is the make up artist trying to make Edward increasingly paler in every movie on purpose? By the time we get to Breaking Dawn he’ll be transparent, which will really suck for those of us who are holding out for those bed-breaking Brazilian love scenes.

2. Kristen Stewart‘s wig, you make K-Stew’s atrocious Joan Jett haircut look luscious. Did they make the poor girl to sleep in a hat every night to flatten that thing out even more? Why David Slade/Summit didn’t force Kristen to get extensions and dye the goth look is beyond us. Bring back Bella’s old hair!

3. WHERE IS THE KISSING? The making out? The snuggling to keep warm? The tent full of sexual tension? The Edward and Bella dry humping? This movie is for GIRLS (and er, grown women) and sure, we gals like action but we like ACTION a lot more (especially action that involves a shirtless Robert Pattinson, pleaseeeee).

Okay okay, now that our rant’s over we’re ready to gush. We’re excited to finally see some drama and danger (much improved from the motor bike snooze-fest that is New Moon), Bryce Dallas Howard looks badass as Victoria and OMG! The engagement ring!

It’s big.

Check out our gallery of screen-grabs from the trailer below and feel free to put us in our place in the comments. We know you can dish it and we can definitely take it.

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