Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brien


Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted Vampires and Sorcerers (Harry Potter vs Twilight) and TV comedies (Friends vs Seinfeld) against each other. Up this week: TV’s biggest comedians.

Even if your bedtime falls sometime before 11:35 p.m., you no doubt have an opinion on who should be hosting the Tonight Show on NBC. On the off-chance that your last name is Van Winkle and you’ve been hitting the snooze button on your clock radio for the last few months, here’s a primer: After a 15-year stint as host of the longest running late night program on television, Jay Leno stepped aside in June of 2009, ceding the duties to the red-headed upstart, Conan O’Brien. Well, a short six months later, ratings for the show had plummeted and NBC decided to kick Conan to the curb with nothing to pad his fall but a reported $45 million severance check (tough break!). From there, The Chin was reinstalled as the Peacock Network’s King of Late Night.

So, are you on Team Leno or Team Coco? Do you prefer your late night comedy to be bland and inoffensive or edgy and boundary pushing? Who pleases your ears more, Kevin Eubanks or Max Weinberg? You know where to sound off.

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