J. Lo’s Ex-Husband Is Broke & Depressed After Legal Battles



Jennifer Lopez must have seen something in ex-husband Ojani Noa when she married him, but after his constant wahmbulance rides, we’re not seeing it. Last year, we reported that Noa felt victimized after J. Lo put a stop to the release of personal home movies recorded on their honeymoon, which Noa intended to use for a mockumentary titled How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story. Yeaaah, maybe don’t try to capitalize on your much-more-famous ex-wife with something so skeevy, Ojani. Noa was previously sued by Lopez after writing a tell-all book about their marriage which violated a confidentiality clause in their divorce settlement.

Today, we learned that Noa is still whining about the situation, saying “The lawsuit put me through so much pain and frustration.” He is declaring bankruptcy as a result, and hilariously, to make money, he had hoped to sell the tapes he was prevented from showing. Seriously, who’s advising this guy? Not someone who thinks things through.  And lest you think the only thing on his resume is “Jennifer Lopez’ Ex,” Noa has tried to get jobs the legit way. He’s a model-actor (of course he is), but he explains “I can’t go to work because anytime I go to a casting, people are afraid to hire me because of the judgment on my head. [They are] skeptical [because] of what I’m going through.” Or maybe they just don’t want you to secretly film them and be turned into a mockumentary.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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