Jesse James’ Dad: Jesse James Is A Nazi…Still…And Again


Usually, it’s not fair to call someone a Nazi.  People use the word “Nazi” too much.   So much, in fact, that I think people even complain about other people using the word “Nazi” too much, too much.  But, Jesse James… It just keeps getting more okay for people to call him a Nazi.  From TMZ:

Jesse James’ father [Larry James] says he wasn’t shocked by the infamous photo of Jesse in Nazi garb — because he claims Jesse had a deep fascination with Hitler’s evil war machine that stems back to his childhood […] Larry claims he gave Jesse information about the Neo-Nazi movement “as a joke” — but soon noticed that Jesse, “liked their war machine, he liked their uniforms, he liked their guns, he liked everything about them.

Obviously, nobody likes Jesse James.  He is awful.  But after reading this, I think his dad might be worse.  I like to imagine that even if I had a son who was a Nazi, I still wouldn’t throw him under the bus.  I mean, first of all, I’d be like, “Your Jewy grandparents are going to be very upset about this.”  But after that stern talking-to, I would be there to protect him.  Even after he married a movie star and then cheated on her with an even grosser tattooed Nazi than himself, he would remain my son.  Despite our differences, his pain would be my pain.  Jesse James’ father does not feel this way.  Because of that, I have the following to say to Larry James:  You, sir, are the Nazi.

Na, just kidding.  Go punch your son in the face.  He’s a d**k.  A big Nazi D**k.

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