Maybe What American Idol Needs Is More Gymnastics


Let’s face it: American Idol this season SUCKS. There is not a single contestant we care about, feel passion towards, or will flip a leather couch over for when said contestant is eliminated before their crowning moment. Sell yourself on your beloved contestants as they may, but just admit to yourself that you are living a reality show lie. This season has zero redeeming qualities.

We imagine that when producers are not struggling to fit Ryan Seacrest with a muzzle for both mouth and crotch, they’re trying to figure out how to bring Idol back.

Well, look no further than God of All Things Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent. They recently featured a group of young gymnasts who will blow ya mind. If they really want to get people back on American Idol’s side, they’d get Lee Dewyze to flip Crystal Bowersox while still somehow not ever making a single facial expression. Come on, girls, even Casey performing shirtless with a little armband would beat anything that’s happened this season…

(via Buzzfeed )

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