OPEN THREAD: What’s The Longest You’ve Ever Held On To A Neflix Movie?


I once saw a History Channel special on World War I, Googled WWI movies, Neflixed All Quiet On The Western Front, and shipped it back after three weeks, knowing I couldn’t kid myself into believing I was going to watch it any longer. I sat on Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai for four weeks, shockingly never finding myself in the mood for a 4-hour subtitled film, and finally shipped it back free of wannabe-film-connoisseur guilt when I realized my roommate already owned it.

Being an extremely OCD individual when it comes to lists and queues and whatnot, I’ve been pretty responsible with my Netflix, and four weeks stood as my record for holding on to a movie, until this week, when a new champion was crowned:

Good ol’ Precious. Based on the novel “Never In The Mood To Watch This” by LotsOfRapepphire. My quest to be a dutiful pop culture blogger and see all 10 Oscar Best Picture nominees came to a screeching halt when this fun-sucker showed up in the mail, and it’s been on my kitchen table collecting post-Oscar dust for 5 weeks with no end in sight. Your streak’s in jeopardy, Cal Ripken Jr: The Movie.

Our question for today — What’s the longest you’ve ever held on to a Netflix movie? Leave your stories of virtuous intentions and failed film nerdery in the comments.

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