Rumors We Love: Rihanna Has A Secret Girlfriend?



You’d think with the amount we write about Rihanna, we would have heard this one by now. According to sites like Necole Bitchie and AllieIsWired, RiRi has been secretly dating her friend/assistant Melissa Forde (allegedly, of course). Their proof: they’ve been spotted holding hands and getting their cuddle on and have matching tattoos (in different places).

Would we be psyched if Rihanna was pulling a Lohan behind our backs while pretending to date baseball star Matt Kemp (Rihanna’s rumored fiance)? Absolutely! But have these bloggers ever seen women interact with their friends? When we get together with our gal pals we spend most of our time spooning each other and 90 % of us have tramp stamps that resemble some member of the butterfly family. Chances are these BFFs are just extra close, with nothing too R-rated going on behind the scenes.

[Photo: GettyImages]

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