Paris’ Parents Accused Of Stealing Company’s Cash



So apparently, Rick and Kathy Hilton have been “erroneously” receiving royalties - read, big fat checks – for several weight loss products for roughly 8 years, claim Herbalife International. And they want the money back!

According to Herbalife, the couple provided services to the company in 1992 to get a line of products going. The products contained ephedrine and were taken off the shelves in 2002 because ephedrine was banned by the FDA.

Herbalife’s lawsuit claims that despite discontinuing the line, the  Hiltons kept raking in the royalties. There have been ongoing but futile discussions about how much, if anything, the Hiltons should return. Way to wake up 8 years later Herbalife. You probably paid for at least one of Paris Hilton‘s nose jobs during that time.

[Photo: GettyImages]

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