Rumors We Love: Brad Thinks Jen Is “Pathetic” For…Liking Architecture?


Jennifer Aniston says she showed her new home in Architectural Digest to “celebrate the people who made it: the master craftsmen who poured so much of themselves into its creation.” But according to Us Weekly, Brad Pitt knows the real reason her palace graced the pages of his favorite magazine: Jen’s trying to get his attention! “She was never that into architecture when they were married. It was his hobby, and she used to make fun of him for it…Brad thinks she is pathetic.”

While the story seems like yet another ridiculous “Jen Vs. Brangelina” rumor, we can almost imagine this being true. If you were stuck with a kajillion children and Queen Crazypants Of The Amazon, and your unattached sexpot ex was hitting kittenish poses in the pages of your favorite magazine, you might comfort yourself by laughing at how “desperate” she must be. Who knows? Maybe Jen has a fetish for grotesque goatees and she’s just returning the favor. [via Celebitchy]

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