You Know That Green Day Song You Kinda Liked From Five Years Ago? Here It Is For $100 And Gay


Reviews for Green Day’s American Idiot musical have been overwhelmingly positive thusfar, and while I’ll freely admit that judging the show based on clips instead of seeing the whole thing is premature, I will also freely admit that if I were to judge the show based on the clip below of the cast singing “Holiday” on Letterman, I would judge it with a verdict of “guilty of not being very good”.

I hate to be the kid from The Emperor’s New Sh*tty Musical here, but… isn’t this terrible? Is it not terrible? Cause according to my eyes, ears, and capacity for enjoying paying hundreds of dollars to see a bunch of random chorus dudes in cartoony punk outfits sing a pretty good song from five years ago that I’ve heard 500 times and can hear any time I want for free, it’s not not terrible. Right? No? I don’t know.

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