Does Beyonce Really Like Brooklyn This Much?



Recently a friend told us about the greatest celebrity sighting ever: seeing Beyonce, Jay-Z and their pals Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin sing “Happy Birthing” to a fellow patron at Lucali in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Hova and Sascha Fierce are known to eat there all the time, traveling across the Brooklyn Bridge from their home in Tribeca to scarf down what Jay-Z has called “the best pizza I ever had in my entire life.” This commitment to BK dining, combined with Jay’s obvious loyalty to his native borough (even though he kinda sold out with Tribeca penthouse) and his general NYC lust (thanks for the anthem, dude) would make it seem feasible that he’d get the name of the best borough ever tattooed on his hand. But his wife?

Yep, Bey was spotted stomping around outside of Hiro with the word Brooklyn printed across her hand. We’ve never known the singer to have any visible tattoos, so it seems a bit odd that she’d hop on the ink bandwagon with this one, especially because it’s kinda crudely written. We’re guessing it’s not real (maybe fellow party-goer Kate Hudson got crazy with a Sharpie?), what do you think? We hate to question anything her royal highness Queen B does, but while we roll hard in Brooklyn, Beyonce’s from Houston where they just roll to the rodeo or the BBQ restaurant (we’re guessing based on beloved Texan stereotypes).

Speak up, experts – and check out more celeb tats below.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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