Ex-Mistress Joslyn James Kicked Out Of Tiger’s Hotel?


Joslyn James

That poor Joslyn James can’t catch a break. First the porn star falls in love with Tiger Woods, only to have him dump her after she risks revealing their relationship by approaching him in public. Adding insult to injury, she then learned she wasn’t the married superstar’s only chick on the side, and promptly hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to help her get the apology she feels she deserves—an apology that has yet to come despite holding press conferences immediately after Tiger’s and posting his sexy texts online. Now she’s suffered her greatest indignity yet, being kicked out of a Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, NC—possibly because Tiger might have been staying there too.

Though Allred claims in her letter to the hotel that she only learned after the fact that Tiger might be staying there (even though James has been trailing the golfer, stripping in Atlanta during the Masters), she’s outraged a multi-millionaire athlete would gain preferential treatment over a spurned porn star. “We are appalled to think that you might have chosen to accommodate a rich, famous golfer who has admitted lying to his wife, his fans, his business associates and others over a woman whose heart he has broken, and whose only fault is that she fell madly in love with Tiger Woods.”

Now Allred is demanding a “thorough investigation of this regrettable incident” and an “appropriate remedy.” Here’s one, Gloria: Don’t stalk Tiger, take that “iBone” off the net and let this sad spectacle die already. [via TMZ]

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