David Boreanaz Admits Cheating On Wife: Was Rachel Uchitel His Mistress?


David Boreanaz & Rachel Uchitel

Looks like the guy from Bones is no Angel. The cause for that horrible, obvious joke is the recent announcement that David Boreanaz cheated on his wife of eight years, Playboy playmate Jaime Bergman. “Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities,” he told People. “I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.” Looks like his situation might be more David Letterman than Tiger Woods, though—he’s coming forward after an ex hit him up for hush money. “I was associated with a woman who I was involved with and had a relationship with,” he says. “She asked for money. I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion.” The TV hunk says he and his wife are “working on repairing what’s been damaged so badly.”

With Boreanaz mentioned in a recent New York profile of Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel, it’s no surprise Radar says the party promoter—and her infamous legal counsel Gloria Allred—are behind his troubles. Allred, who’s representing both Uchitel and another woman who slept with the former Buffy star, says she wasn’t extorting, just suggesting “mediation” for her client’s “legal claim” that he lied about their “exclusive” relationship (yes, she’s suggesting you can be sued for cheating on your mistress). If David continues to imply something indecent about Allred’s way of scoring cash, he may regret it. “My client has not told her story to the press, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her she has decided to tell the story of their relationship, so that the truth will come out.” Wonder how much money she’ll get for that…and if Allred’s “legal advice” will ever get her arrested.

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