Rumors We Love: Charlize Theron Kissing Keanu Reeves


Charlize Theron & Keanu Reeves

Woo, woo, woo! TMZ has footage of Charlize Theron making out with Keanu Reeves on the street after a delicious dinner together! Is it possible that the former co-stars of 1997’s Devil’s Advocate and 2001’s Sweet November are enjoying a belated romance? Has he been politely waiting for relationships with Stephan Jenkins and Stuart Townsend to end so he could swoop down and declare his eternal devotion? Was his shirt off when he did it? “More evidence—when they hugged each other goodbye, Charlize’s hands are clearly UNDER KEANU’S JACKET!” OMG! That’s totally the universal sign of a sexual relationship! What an update!

Granted, these two have acted intimately for years at social events and they clearly were aware of the cameras during their clinch. If they were secretly banging, they probably wouldn’t be hugging at all. But if Charlize and Keanu want to come forward with some grand Hepburn and Tracy story involving years of simmering chemistry, far be it from us to advise them otherwise. See photos of Charli-anu in the gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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