Emma Watson’s College Life Like “An American Teen Movie”



Emma Watson will always be Hermione Granger to us, but in reality, the nineteen-year-old is not a magic-prone Muggle-born who’s hopelessly in love with Ron Weasley, she’s just a college student with a ginormous paycheck. The Brown University freshman explained to Vanity Fair what it was like attending her first frat party on campus and while the details are all too familiar to us, she was not impressed.

“I felt like I’d walked into an American teen movie. I picked up the red cups. I was like, Wow, they really do drink from these,” she said.  Oh right, because British teen movies never have parent-less house parties where kids drink pale yellow beer out of Solo Cups. Actually, we’ve never seen a British teen movie, do those exist? (And also, might we suggest a new slogan to the good people at Solo? “Official sponsor of American underaged drinking”!)

Watson had some initial reluctance about the college experience, saying  “I was scared before I came to Brown—that I wasn’t going to be allowed to have both [a career and a normal life]. People would think that I didn’t deserve to have both. [I was afraid they’d think], You’re famous. You’re given free handbags. Why should you deserve to be normal?” but now feels right at home on campus. But you can bet that after reading this, all the girls on her hall are going to come in asking to borrow one of her free handbags. That’s what normal girls do. [Photo: Getty Images]

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