From Sexy To Sloppy: Pam Anderson’s Top 40 Most Revealing Outfits Ever



If Pam Anderson‘s stint on Dancing With The Stars has taught us anything, it’s that her body defies middle-aged sag. She burst – er, bounced – onto the scene in 1992 as Baywatch‘s C.J. Parker, the hottest lifeguard to ever grace the boob tube. Since her days saving lives opposite The Hoff, she’s sustained her fame via sex tapes, fluctuating levels of silicon, and complete fearlessness when it comes to showing some skin.

To honor Anderson’s totally unexpected coordination (and totally expected sensuality) on DWTS and to bid her farewell after getting booted off the show last night, we’re taking a look at her most daring ensembles, ranking them from super hot to hot mess. [Photos: Getty Images]

1. The Fame Maker

2. Barb Wire Barbie

3. Leopard Lust

4. Poof a la Pam

5. Grecian Grace

6. Not Grandma’s Crochet

7. Ahoy, Cleavage!

8. Tangled Web

9. Bridal Bikini

10. Tim Allen-Approved

11. Bath Time Princess

12. Big Time Slit

13. The UnderBoob

14. Medieval Vixen

15. Not Your Basic White Tee

16. Red Carpet Glamour

17. Seeing Double

18. Making Karl Cringe

19. Diamonds Down To There

20. Bombshell in Black

21. Schoolgirl Gone Pam

22. White and Waistless

23. Pierced and Proud

24. Bedazzled Bikini

25. Mid-40s on Fire

26. Busty in Bubblegum

27. Risque Ruby

28. Lingerie Lush

29. Pantless Embrace

30. Sequined and Kooky

31. 24K Crazy

32. The Ol’ Bump and Chain

33. Clowny McCameltoe

34. With a Twist of Nip

35. Pity The Child

36. Attempting A Hulk Hogan

37. All Cracked Up

38. Corseted Catastrophe

39. Glam Rock It’s Not

40. Adam Lambert: Dazed And Confused

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