Hollywood Walk Of Fame Screws Up Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Star



Julia Louis-Dreyfus beat Jerry Seinfeld in receiving a star on the Walk of Fame. Still, it could very well have turned into the Walk of Shame for the actress, because the L.A. Chamber of Commerce misspelled her julia-starname on her own square. It was spelled “Julia Luis Dreyfus,” missing the “o” in “Louis” as well as the hyphen.

CNN’s David Daniel spotted the boo-boo and called a press rep (who surely had the worst day ever!). “They were startled, and a little unsure what to do – after all, the ceremony was in four hours, and you can’t just print up a new star at the local CopyMart, ” wrote David.

But all is well that ends well. Julia thought it was hilarious and wanted them to leave it the way it was. They’ve ended up chiseling out “Luis” (they’re giving it to her as a souvenir) and replacing it with a temporary correction. Nice save! [Photos: Getty Images]

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