Bill & Ted & Wayne & Garth


Wait. Wait. Just hold on one GD second. Who are these people Ross and Ross? Because they have to stop ENTERING MY BRAIN and stealing my mind thoughts. This is the exact same debate I’ve had with people (myself) for just so long. And they’ve put it on paper like a couple of GENIUSES. It’s about which is the better movie: Wayne’s World or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. My personal debate is slightly different, it’s more like which character I would actually want to be. Probably Bill. Because he’s not threatened with military school. Then again, he’s not Keanu Reeves. I’ll never settle on a real answer. I do know that I love both of these movies equally. I just really appreciate two dudes taking the time to hash it out. Just rap about it. Because what are we going to talk about? Politics? Oil? No thank you!

Don’t click on the link below if you don’t care about Wayne’s World or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But if you’re the sort of person who wonders where Alex Winter went, read on. (This doesn’t answer the question of where Alex Winter is, it’s just if you’re that sort of person). Also, sorry for the creepy picture above. But real or no, it’s pretty amazing.  

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure v Wayne’s World: Metro Film Fight Club

P.S. I’d really enjoy a frank, honest debate of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey Vs. Wayne’s World 2

P.P.S. San Dimas High School Football Rules!

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