Bret Michaels: Hemorrhage “Sounded Like A Handgun,” Promises To “Continue To Rock The World”


As we mentioned yesterday, Bret Michaels has given his first post-hemorrhage interview to People magazine and will be appearing on the cover of this week’s magazine. In the piece, he talks about how the subarachnoid hemorrhage he suffered “sounded like a handgun, like it literally popped” and the tense moments that followed:

“It made my mind go almost blank,” he said. “My neck tensed up. I couldn’t move my head at all … I knew I was slurring my words, and I was like ‘OK, this isn’t a headache. There’s something really bad happening.'”

Bret credits his amazing recovery — after all, only 10 to 20 percent of people who suffer from hemorrhages this severe go on to make a full recovery — to a combination of “will, good faith … and good medical attention.” People‘s Anne Marie Cruz, who wrote the cover story, appeared on the Today Show this morning and discussed her recent phone call with Bret, during which time he discussed his “positive bucket list,” his promise to “continue to rock the world,” and the odds of him appearing on the Celebrity Apprentice finale a few weeks from now. We’ve clipped the video for you above and will continue to keep you posted on his progress.

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