Glee‘s Lea Michele Sucks…Literally



Look. Glee is the worst. There is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise: no amounts of mash-ups or Jimmy Fallon parodies or Jane Lynch doing some dumb Madonna send-up or “seriously you have to listen to the cast of Glee sing [insert some cheeseball 80’s song here], it just completely made my terrible day amazing!” It’s a f*cking dumb show built around stereotypes, terrible plot lines and America’s addiction to shrill voices singing summer jams. “Don’t Stop Believing” sounds good when anyone sings it, idiots.

Yes, I know my opinion is unpopular. I get that to you Gleeks – or whatever the hell you call yourselves to ensure you will never get laid –  it’s like saying, “babies and puppies are ugly!” But I tried to watch the show. I sat through 4-5 episodes of that stupid mousy red-haired girl being afraid of germs while Lea Michele‘s character stomped and sang around school before I decided, I HATE THESE PEOPLE.

And looky-here! Turns out my judgment – about Lea Michele, at least – may just have been right. The wee diva attended the Time 100 gala on Tuesday and made out with her boyfriend the entire time (click for a pic of Lea Michele sucking face). Then, according to Daily Intel, she dropped some major tude when iconic society photog Patrick McMullan asked her name. Their interaction went as follows, according to a spy:

Patrick McMullan: What’s your name?
Lea Michele: [Rolls eyes.] Sarah Palin.
Patrick McMullan: [Laughs.] No, really, tell me your name.
Lea Michele: Taylor Swift.
Patrick McMullan: F*ck you.

Don’t stop believing, Gleeks.

[The opinions expressed in this post do not reflect that of The FABlife or its staff, most of whom love Glee more than life itself and think that Kate, the sole author of this post, is a horrible person who believes babies and puppies are ugly.]

[Photo: GettyImages]

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