MJ’s Alleged Ex-BF Getting Death Threats



This just keeps getting messier and messier. A certain Jason Pfeiffer claimed to be Michael Jackson‘s lover last week, telling the whole world about the supposed love fest  in an interview with Extra magazine. Pfeiffer is Dr. Arnold Klein‘s office manager, who may remember as MJ’s BFF and physician.

The deal is… why? Why come out now? Why at all? There’s no point even going there considering Klein’s been blabbing about the star’s private life to everyone. Klein told TMZ about Jackson and his right hand man, “Was he gay? Yes.” and added that the alleged two-month relationship was the only gay relationship the King of Pop ever had. And the Benedict Arnold doesn’t feel he’s done anything wrong because he felt MJ wasn’t trying to hide his sexuality. But how about respecting a dead man’s privacy?

Of course, they’ve ended up pissing off quite a few peep’s. Michael’s dad, Joe Jackson, is livid, as is  Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson. Some folks are taking it to the next level…with death threats! They’ve both had to hire bodyguards and Pfeiffer’s had to constantly be on the move. Crazy fans have walked up to his home and even traced him down at friends’ houses.  Threats, like a voice mail message that said, “I’m gonna put a bullet in your heads”, have been bombarding their office phone, fax and email.

That’s not cool at all, but what did they expect? One of the most popular figures in musical history is going to have hardcore fans. And did they really think their news wasn’t going to make some sort of splash? Oh wait… of course they did, and now the water’s getting way too hot to handle.

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