Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Family Guy vs. Futurama


Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted two of TV’s biggest comedies (The Office UK vs The Office US) and TV’s biggest comedians (Jay Leno vs Conan O’Brien) against each other. Up this week: two of TV’s biggest animated comedies.

The two torch-bearers in the post-Simpsons Fox animated realm, Family Guy and Futurama may have had similar origin stories [Fox Executive: Do some moreathese things that’re doin’ all good!] but both quickly assumed their own respective identities, and, ultimately, two largely divergent fanbases. Who ya got — Non-sequitors, deliberate offensiveness, and a bottomless pop culture archive? Or subtle nerdity, sci-fi homages and the occassional space tear-jerking moment? Love ‘em both? Hate em both?

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