E*Trade Fights Back Against Lindsay Lohan Suit



Seriously? This Lindsay Lohan E*Trade lawsuit wasn’t just a big joke? Because we had a big laugh and moved on when we heard about it, and we figured the parties involved might realize how dumb it all sounded and do the same.

If you’ll recall, LiLo decided to sue E*Trade after seeing their commercial where one baby calls another named Lindsay a “milkoholic”. Lawyers at E*Trade are fighting dirtier than we thought they would, using hundreds of pages of internet comments as part of their defense (yes, friends, your comments might be used in a court of law against the starlets you rail against, bet you never realized that). Comments that call her a ” lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful little drama queen” and ask “How can she pay her rent and pay for her coke?” are being used not to claim she behaves badly, but that she lives in California, making her lawsuit, filed in New York, moot. (Yeah, we’re not sure how that holds water, either. The law is hard!)

Dina Lohan criticized the company’s tactics when she found out their plan. “This is the whole reason we are suing them — for demeaning Lindsay. They are just proving how they operate — they play dirty,” said the woman who partied till 2am with her daughter before a court appearance.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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