Lady Gaga Rambles In Concert: Knows Alcohol Will Kill Her, Wants To Die Onstage


First Lady Gaga locks herself in her dressing room at the Met Ball, and now she’s talkin’ crazy in concert. Is a Britney style breakdown far behind? The singer took some time in the middle of performing “Speechless” in Sweden to address recent criticism that she’s wearing herself out with constant touring (around the 1:38 mark). “You know when people say ‘Lady Gaga’s really tired she needs to take a break,’ I just think about all those times I sang in bars when nobody was singing my lyrics. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, okay?”

Yes, you might say she’s the opposite of speechless. While her original point makes sense, she goes on to drop a bit o’ nutiness at the 6:30 mark, rambling on about booze and her pending death by self-inflicted hard work. “I know that I work really hard and I run myself into the ground and I also know that alcohol will kill me one day. But I would rather not die on vacation, I’d rather die onstage with all my fans.”

Did Gaga just confess to being an alcoholic? Does she really think she’s gonna keel over from too much piano playing? And most importantly: when did she borrow that pseudo-British accent from Madonna and can she please give it back? So many questions…hopefully Gaga will answer them the next time she’s drunk/overworked/surrounded by 30,000 adoring fans.

[via ONTD]

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