Stan The Man Griffin Is The Best Science Fiction/Horror/Sensitive-Social-Issue Author Of All Time


I have a friend deep inside the publishing world who was kind enough to forward me a press release that he received late yesterday afternoon.  The release is for a book called Summoned The Novel which was written by a man named Stan The Man Griffin.  Here is the first paragraph from the release:

Holy s**t!!   I mean, clearly Stan The Man is forgetting about this:

But I’ll forgive him.

Anyway, let’s discuss more about Stan The Man.

First of all, he nails book cover art.  This book just looks good.  And second of all, he plays a mean sax.  How do I know he plays a mean sax?  Oh, because he put a link to his web page in his press release, and almost the whole thing is about saxophones.  You see, Stan grew up in a sports town…

“In Middletown the only outlet that a young African American could look forward to was a career in sports. And that is exactly what Stan dreamed of becoming until one day he wandered into the basement of his home, and picked up the sax that his older brother played, and began to play as if he had been playing for years. His mom yelled to his older brother; knock it off its getting late, and Stan replied, he’s not home mom it’s me Stan! Not long after that Stan had his own Sax, and by the age of fifteen he was playing in night clubs. After joining bands and traveling across the nation performing in Military NCO clubs, Stan decided he would take his career in a different direction.”

So that was awesome.  But, obviously, after that, the release just talks about his career as an author and blah, blah, blah.  Just kidding!  Instead you get to learn about Stan The Man Griffin’s hit song, Spider-Dance.

“Stan later wrote and recorded Spider-Dance, The New Spider-Man Theme Song that just hit home with Spider-Man fans across the globe, and listeners thought that Spider-Dance captured the essence of the Super Hero.  This is just the beginning for Stan The Man and their [sic] will be a lot more good stuff coming from Stan The Man!

Unfortunately, the Stan The Man’s Spider-Dance song isn’t readily available for us all to listen to.  Bulls**t!  I totally found it on YouTube.

Who’s the man?  Stan The Man is the man.

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