Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene – Are They Worth A Huge Twilight Pay Raise?



We’ve already seen the Twilight producers get tough when they fired Rachel Lefevre from the franchise, replacing her with Bryce Dallas Howard. Lefevre allegedly had scheduling issues and her reps requested more money, and when an agreement couldn’t be reached, she got the boot. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are currently playing salary hardball as well over the details of Breaking Dawn- they are being offered ten times what they were paid for the first Twilight film, but that’s not enough to satisfy them, and there’s a possibility of those pesky Cullen kids getting the heave-ho as well.

The film’s main stars, (do we even need to say their names?), Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, are all making big money on the film – no specifics have been given, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Lautner’s typical asking price these days is $7.5 million, and all their salaries were recently renegotiated. Lutz and Greene are feeling like they deserve more, given what the franchise rakes in, and called their own offers “offensive”. Hey guys, look, we get that you’re part of a cultural phenomenon, but you aren’t the box office draw here. Especially you, Ash. We can’t think of anything else (besides your SoBe commercial, of course) that you’ve even been in. Are these guys getting greedy? Will they find themselves in a Paula Abdul situation after she left Idol? For the sake of the films, we hope not.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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