Miley And Justin’s Dinner Date(!!)



Oh, baby – Justin Bieber fans are not going to like this news one bit. The precious, windswept sixteen year old was seen in L.A. eating dinner with Miley Cyrus last night at a sushi restaurant in West Hollywood. If Kim Kardashian got death threats from a simple photo op, what must Miley be dealing with right now? Who knows! Since she’s off Twitter, she’s blissfully oblivious to the possibility of furious tweens creating “Death To Miley” hashtags.

So what is up with these two? The pairing is odd since Miley claims not to have been afflicted with Bieber fever, but that didn’t stop her from writing off the dinner as a business expense, the couple claims they were there to discuss “a side project”. (More like a side part! Oh! Hair jokes.) We doubt that there’s any romance to report here, since Miley seems to be going strong with her possible live-in lover Liam Hemsworth. But if these two did get together, they’d totally be the Britney and Justin of this generation. All they’ll need is matching denim formalwear. [Photos: Getty Images]

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