Stephen Baldwin In Cosmo


Wow. Cosmo UK has some naked dude centerfolds in their latest issue. Most notably, Stephen Baldwin. This is all very sudden. My attraction to him is as surprising as it is intense. (Very). 

That below-the-navel area is like a magnet for the eyes. Less intense attractions from the spread include Nigel Barker and Doug Reinhardt. Barker loses because he’s posing with his wife. Not sexy, in that he is explicitly saying that I will never be with him. How dare he. Reinhardt loses because of a combination of a spiky hair situation and this lame quote:

I can be quite romantic. For my girlfriend’s birthday I made her pancakes and took them to her in bed.

Real original, Reinhardt. Also, real romantic. That’s what you do for Mother’s Day, not for your girlfriend’s birthday. Because I’m sure Paris Hilton really enjoyed those pancakes. Unless the pancakes were liberally sprinkled with diamonds and powdered sugar.

Thanks, DListed

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