Why The Japanese PM Shouldn’t Worry About Fashion


Gawker recently reported that a poor fashion choice (amongst other things) by the Japanese PM, Yukio Hatoyama, is ruining his approval ratings. First thing’s first: This is a shirt I would totally wear because I’m a stupid person who wears shirts like this. Sue me.

HOWEVER, Japan, I would like to counter with this:

 It’s a rice bra. Reports Metro UK:

Lingerie maker Triumph said it came up with the “rice bra” because of the growing popularity of farming among Japanese city dwellers.

The bra, made of recyclable plastic, can be tied together to create pots that also double as cups.

They are filled with soil, and rice seedlings, that are watered through a hose that also doubles as a belt that goes around the wearer’s waist.

Gardening gloves also come with the bra.

Gardening gloves not sold separately! So is there a growing popularity of farming amongst Japanese city dwellers or a growing popularity of farming based bras amongst Japanese city dwellers? Because if this rice bra takes off, I can think of so many other things one could plant in those bras! You know, veggies, fruits, other seed based foods. Point being, Japan, you can get over a shirt on your PM that I would wear. I would never be your PM, nor would you want me to be, but do you see what I mean? When he’s wearing the rice bra, then get back to me. TTYL, Japan!

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