Lindsay Lohan Crashes An Iggy Pop Concert



Not being able to get to Cannes isn’t going to stop Lindsay Lohan from doing what she does best (relatively speaking). Iggy Pop performed in Williamsburg Wednesday night, and Lindsay crashed it. According to the New York Daily News, event organizers at the Ray-ban bash opened their VIP doors, expecting Josh Hartnett but were instead faced with LiLo and her 30-strong entourage. A source revealed, “The staff had opened a private entrance for Josh because he was going to be late. If they expected Lindsay, they certainly didn’t expect her to come with that many people. Most celebrities brought one or two guests – her crew was inappropriately large.” And it gets worse:  “It caused a huge commotion, because the VIP area was definitely not equipped to handle that amount of guests. Event staff was running around like crazy trying to accommodate her.”

And was La Lohan gracious? Uh, no. “She looked completely out of it”, the source huffed. She really need to take a page out of Kelly Osbourne’s book, who was the sweetheart to Lohan’s diva. “It took her a while to get into the VIP area because everyone was crowding it,” says the source. “But she was patient. She and her boyfriend, Luke [Worrall], didn’t have the best view once they got inside, but they craned their necks like the rest of the crowd.” And her coolness isn’t a one-off situation. Justin Long, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard did the same. And the latter were together it seems! “Justin came solo, but Kate and Alex were very much together. Everyone was pretty packed together in VIP, but those two made sure to be next to each other the whole time.” And probably looked ridiculously hot too. But did anyone pay attention to Miz Lohan? What do you think? “It’s fair to say that the other celebs ignored Lindsay. She’s not someone who people are trying to be associated with right now.” Looks like the source had the final say!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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