Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Dunk Or Don’t Dunk


Thanks to our yummy sponsor OREO Cakesters, we’ve brought you a series of pop culture’s biggest controversies. Now it’s time to address the biggest of them all. (And don’t laugh! This is serious business yo!)

Milk and cookies go together like Sony and Cher, like Regis and Kelly, like Simon and Paula. But what about milk and OREO Cakesters? You know, OREO Cakesters, those moist delicious snack cakes with OREO Chocolate and soft OREO creme. They are the OREO of Snack Cakes.

And so, the debate begins. To Dunk. Or Not To Dunk. Surely, Hamlet would have held up a giant OREO Cakester toward the moonlight while asking himself this very same question, had he been alive right now, and not a fictional character. While the OREO Cakester holds up on its own, some might feel a little milky goodness will help bring classic OREO eating into the new Millennium.

The cookie is now a cake. But the question remains: Do we dunk It? Or let the OREO of snack cakes get consumed by itself? Tell us what you think!

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