Chris Klein’s Mamma Mia Audition Tape


The following video is a real live video of Chris Klein auditioning for the film, Mama Mia.  Before I say anymore about this video let me say this:

I have no negative feelings whatsoever about homosexuality.  My roommate is gay, some of my family members are gay, my favorite bartender is gay, and I literally blog for  Our background is a giant rainbow.  I support same sex marriages, I believe gay people should be able to serve openly in the military, and I pray that if I ever have children, they will grow up in a world where gay couples can be affectionate in public without drawing the ire of ignorant people.

That being said, THIS VIDEO IS THE GAYEST SH*T I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! Good god in heaven, this is gay.  It’s, like, carnival gay.

I sincerely hope you watched that whole thing.  If you didn’t, please go back and watch it in it’s entirety.  Chris Klein stops singing, goes into dialogue, and then goes right back into singing.  It is amazing.

Thank you so, so much, Buzzfeed.

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