Jude And Sienna Ready To Walk Down The Aisle?



Jude Law and Sienna Miller aren’t wasting any time now that they’re reunited and totally in lurve. The Daily Mail is reporting that the couple plan to get married this summer in Gloucestershire, England.

The newspaper says that Sienna plans to wear a gown designed by her sister Savannah and that the ceremony will be a “bohemian” one. We assume by bohemian they mean one that celebrates free love, much like Jude does in all his relationships.  The couple was previously engaged and have had more than their share of rocky romances. Like, remember eight months ago when Jude had a baby with that lady Samantha-something? (Ha, trick question because Jude doesn’t either!) And remember how Sienna dated the still-married Balthazar Getty? So yeah, we’re approaching these nuptials cautiously because it’s clear these two aren’t.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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