Mamma Mia! Chris Klein Is A Mess


The butterfly effect that Katie Holmes‘ marriage to Tom Cruise had on the world was greater than we ever could have imagined. Holmes’ most high profile relationship before Tom was with Chris Klein, you know, the Keanu look-alike doof from American Pie who we had forgotten about…until now. Guys, Klein has gone crazy. We’re not blaming Katie, but imagine for a moment that they stayed together and remained the world’s blandest couple, riding off into obscurity together…Well, we probably wouldn’t have this newly excavated clip in our hands.

The video above is an audition tape of Chris Klein from 2008 that has only just surfaced. In it, Klein tries out for a role in Mamma Mia! (which later went to Dominic Cooper, who is currently dating his co-star from the film, Amanda Seyfried, so obvsies that was a good casting decision) and we’re not sure if he’s under the influence of drugs, still upset that Katie dumped him, or if this is how he usually is but, folks, it ain’t pretty. Klein manically (or maniacally - potato, potahto) talks about Mandy Moore, sings his way through some Abba and freaks us out with his coke eyes. There’s really no better way to cap off your day than to watch this a few times and thank God for quality casting directors.

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