Ashley Greene And Kellan Lutz Will Return To Twilight



Well, it’s official: playing chicken with your career really does pay off, and it paid off big time for the good-looking blow-up dolls supporting cast of Twilight. Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are confirmed for the fourth and fifth installments of the series, and they are each receiving almost $1.5 million per film each. Not quite the $4 million per film Ashley and Kellan were hoping for, but at least they realized that maybe they weren’t worth that much after all.

A source close to Summit Entertainment, the films’ production company, stated “The studio realized how valuable Ashley and Kellan are to the franchise and did what they needed to do to keep them.” Yeah, Summit may not have wanted to pay that much, but they aren’t stupid. The Twilight fan base would probably have a sh*t fit if two more actors were replaced, and the new cast would have likely been distracting and gotten the wrong kind of press for the film (because you just can’t replace actors in a franchise, did we learn nothing from Teen Wolf 2?). So Twi-hards, are you satisfied with the decision to keep these two on board and pay them more for 12 minutes of screen time than we’ll make in our lives?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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