James Franco Set To Shoot Planet Of The Apes Prequel


James Franco

James Franco, what is your game? Between the General Hospital appearances and the master’s degrees and the small roles in chick flicks (Nights In Rodanthe? Why?), we can never figure out what the logic is behind this guy’s career choices. For instance, he’s finally decided to make the potential sci-fi blockbuster his agent has probably been praying for…only it’s apparently going to be a Planet Of The Apes prequel. What, they’re not going to let us know what happened after the 2001 Mark Wahlberg movie? We’ve been dying for closure!

Rise Of The Apes‘s producers hope to have Franco play a modern day genetic engineer in San Francisco who has something to do with the world’s first super-intelligent apes. According to Nikki Finke, Hollywood mighty impressed with Franco in the upcoming Danny Boyle drama 127 Hours, about a hiker who has to saw off his own limb and hope to take his badassery further into the limelight. With Franco soon to appear in theaters as Allen Ginsberg in Howl, a knight in the next Danny McBride comedy and a love interest for Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, it looks like there isn’t any genre the guy can’t conquer. So expect James to retire to start his own fish cannery sometime next year.

See photos of Franco laughing his ass off at Cannes in the gallery below.

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