Lindsay Posts Bail, Will Avoid Arrest—If Not Jail Time


Sorry, TMZ—looks like you won’t get that “LiLo in cuffs” photo you’ve been crying for. Lindsay Lohan posted the $100,000 bail that will keep police from swarming upon her like locusts in blue upon her eventual arrival at LAX from Cannes. Already facing jail time for missing alcohol education classes, Lindsay risked arrest by skipping an important court date Thursday concerning her probation. Despite allegations that someone (possibly an agent of the nefarious Michael Lohan) stole Lindsay’s passport, the judge issued a bench warrant. Lindsay is expected to return to America later today.

Despite her freedom, we presumably won’t see much of Lindsay once she returns, as she’ll be forced to abstain from alcohol and wear an anklet. With photos of the starlet living it up in Cannes continuing to surface (and the French police denying Lindsay reported that missing passport), she could be in for a rude awakening when she finally steps into court. The scary thing is that Lindsay may not have even hit her low yet—she could still show up at Chateau Marmont this weekend, wearing her court-enforced alcohol monitor as an accessory.

[Photo: .com]

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