Rumors We Love: Tom Forcing Katie To Dance, Seeks “Ginger & Fred” Status


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

At this point, OK! should really call itself OK, Whatever! But as long as their rumors are as crazy as this one, we’re not complaining. According to the Robsten stalkers, Tom Cruise has forced Katie Holmes into near-daily dance practices following TomKat’s notorious “Whatever Lola Wants” number at a benefit performance in LA earlier this month. Apparently, Tom feels a) that America wants more of that sexy action and b) Katie’s the one who needs some work. “Tom wants them to be the new Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire,” says the mag’s source. “He loves the idea of performing on stage with her but believes Katie has a long way to go before she’s ready. The irony is that she’s a far better dancer than he is!” Excuse us, but has this person seen Cocktail? Tom’s bottle-tossing in that film combines the grace of Gene Kelly with the macho authority of Michael Jackson. Or vica versa. Anyway, it’s awesome.

While we certainly would love for TomKat to claim the mantle of our new Freg & Ginger…or fail hilariously trying…it’s hard to believe the former Maverick is really so nuts as to think hotfooting around stage with the missus is what will finally wipe away the stink of crazy Scientology videos and that couch jump with Oprah Winfrey. Our opinion of the guy has been so transformed we can’t even watch A Few Good Men these days without think Jack should be afraid of him. If Tom starts twirling in public, the laughing will only get worse.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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